Intuitive Services

Here is where you will find intuitive services, healing sessions, online and in person metaphysical classes of all types. 

Her specialties include tea leaf reading, tarot and oracle card readings, mirror and crystal ball scrying. She loves Angel Realm Readings, Angel Communication and Healing Sessions as well. 

She has been reading for over a decade and has extensive knowledge regarding various spiritual and metaphysical topics that she will be discussing here as well as on her Vocal page, and You Tube Channel coming soon.

She has published or contributed to over 20 books, magazines and journals. They are all great resources to let you learn more about the topic or even in regards to the journals- about yourself. 

She has read internationally – England, France, and the Bahamas and other places as well as read via Zoom, phone, or email from clients all around Asia, Central America, and South America. 

She received much of her training in Salem, Mass. where she says that she felt like she really belonged and knew who she really was. She has also read and trained with a teacher in New Orleans. 

She is a regular reader and healer at Cosmic Connections and Galactic Expo in Nashville, and other fairs in the Lexington and Louisville and Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati areas. 

Please use the contact form on the contact page to ask any questions or reach out to us.

Angel Communication and Intuitive Session

Your session will be focused on Bertena’s communication with the angels through her angel guides and her angel cards. The messages are loving and light and leads you to the life that you desire. It is a very loving and supportive reading.

15 minutes are $30
30 minutes are $50
60 minutes are $70

Angel Life Coaching Session

A Self Care Mind, Body and Spiritual Coaching session that helps get you back to being balanced. She is a personal trainer, life coach, and yoga wellness teacher.

Angel cards, training sheets and various other plans are used based upon your need and desire. 

30 minutes are $40
60 minutes are $60

Angel Reiki Session

She connects with the Archangels for your personalized reiki session that balances your chakras, cleans your auras, and ends with a personal angel card reading. 

This is only distantly since Covid -19

30 minutes are $40
60 minutes are $60

Angel Realm Reading

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong here? That you are different than others? Are you attracted to the earth, air or water? 

A realm reading may identify you as or your connection to earth angels, star people, wise ones, Atlanteans, mermaids and more.

This is done with a picture and zoom and the results are emailed to you. 

$100 for 1 hour $180 for 2 hours

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

This is a traditional tarot and oracle card reading. We will delve into what messages the cards have for you.

15 minutes are $30
30 minutes are $50
60 minutes are $70

Tea Leaf Reading

Experience the ancient art of tea leaf readings. She what symbols and messages have for you. This is a great reading for those that want answers about signs that they need to watch for and what is coming to them in the next few days or weeks. 

15 minutes are $30
30 minutes are $50
60 minutes are $70

Past Life Readings and Healing

Receive a past life reading and find what lesson you are to learn in this life and then how to heal you from it.

15 minutes are $30
30 minutes are $50
60 minutes are $70

12 Month Reading

See what the next 12 months have in store for you. You chose romance, health, career, etc. $50

Crystal Ball Readings

Receive a crystal ball reading with drawings and automatic writings that come through the session.

15 minutes are $30
30 minutes are $50
60 minutes are $70

Angel Astrology Readings

Email Only- Receive an Angel Astrology Chart Reading via email. This reading will discuss the archangels connected with your birth chart. It’s a combination of Angel Therapy and Astrology. $40

Angel Dream Interpretation

Email Only. Receive your dream interpretation based upon your archangel messages.

These are based upon what you provide to me about your dream. $40

Angel Manifestation Reading

Email Only. By connecting with your angels, you will learn how to manifest what you want in life by creating a vision and path of abundance. $40

Private Yoga Wellness

Private sessions of yoga wellness that will help you with anxiety, weight loss, self esteem and more. 

There is a combination of yoga, journaling, meditation, and breath work. $15- 30

Chakra Balancing Session

Receive a distant chakra balancing session that will clean, align, and balance your chakras or energy centers.  $20

Private Meditation Class

Distant Private Meditation Classes. 

Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate? 

Or learn the different styles of meditation? $15

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