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How Does This Work? To Set Up and Pay Your Session

  • You will contact Bertena for a reading via the contact form or via text here at 859-437-0082
  • You will pay via Paypal BEFORE the session begins. If something occurs that either of us can’t make the meeting then the meeting will be moved to another time.
  • is the best way to pay. I will not “add” or spring any additional costs to your reading. What we agree to is what the price will stay. If Paypal doesn’t work for you then Cash App at $meditationgirl
  • All sessions are done via Zoom, phone or email.
  • All sessions are confidential and will be for your greatest good.
  • If I can’t read you then I will refund your money.

How Do Sessions Look

  • I begin by connecting with my guides and/or angels and then connecting to your energy.
  • Readings are based upon my communication and interpretation of my spirit guides/angels etc. So, if it doesn’t resonate with you then it may not be time for you to see yet. 
  • You will see the cards and will have a full explanation of what I “see”
  • If there are drawings then I will take a picture of it and email it to you
  • The recording will be sent to within 24 hours of the reading.


  • I do no put curses on people, tell you if or when people are dying nor do I do anything negative to anyone. 
  • I am not a lawyer, therapist, doctor, etc and I will refer you to those if I feel as if what we are discussing becomes harmful to you or someone you know. 
  • We will begin on time and end on time. If you are late and I have another appointment then you have lost your time. I have to honor the next client’s time. 
  •  I am not responsible for how you interpret the reading, if you don’t agree with my interpretation, or what you do with the information that I provide to you.

Costs for Services:
15 minutes – $30 30 minutes- $50 45 minutes – $70 60 minutes- $80
*** Tips are not required but appreciated. ***

Legal Disclaimer. This is for entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical, mental or legal professional services.

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